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Health Insurance

Once you receive your Temporary Visa, you’ll need to show you have health insurance. You can join the national social security system (IESS), or show proof of private insurance. We can provide you with an established private insurer, or help you join IESS.

Ecuadorian Citizenship

Cuenca Visas can work with you to obtain the requirements necessary to become an Ecuadorian Citizen. We also help you prepare for the interview and the test, providing you with the study material in both Spanish and English.


Once you receive your Permanent Visa, you will have 30 days to get the mandatory cedula, which is the Ecuadorian national ID card. We prepare the required documents and take you to the Civil Registration office.

Visa Renewal

When your passport expires, we can assist you in transferring your visa to your new passport.

Legal Services

Cuenca Visas has a legal staff that includes an immigration specialist and general counsel who can advise you on any legal situation including Real Estate.

Bank Account

Once you have your Temporary Visa, you can open a bank account in Ecuador. We can help with the necessary paperwork to open a checking, savings account or investment CD with an ATM card.


Edison Ormaza is an expert in ECUADOR VISA SERVICES AND PERMANENT RESIDENCE with offices in the United States, Canada contacts worldwide and its main branch in Azogues Ecuador. We understand that moving to a different country implies a great amount of stress and hard work. To help you out in the process we have prepared a list that focuses on key points and terms you should become familiar with. If you are a U.S. citizen planning on moving to Ecuador, the following information will be useful to you.


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