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The Andes Mountains has held a small, beautiful paradise that has been able to bring in thousands of Americans from their home country because of the retirement in Ecuador movement.

Cuenca, Ecuador is a place so many may never have heard for before. However, this is all starting to change when it comes to American retirees. Drawn to the area by the impressive health care, low cost of living, beautiful weather and a wonderful social scene.

The nest eggs that might seem small within the United States is not so small when compared to the living in Ecuador.

When retirees start planning for their future, many do not consider moving to another country. They might think it is inconceivable.

It is such a big move to make and what if it is the wrong one?

Perhaps you retired and you didn’t get as much money as you originally thought you were going too, what then? You probably do not want to work as many hours as before just to keep up the cost of living that you’re faced with. Plus, an Ecuador visa is easy for many Americans to get.

What about moving to another country? One that wouldn’t cost so much, has everything you need and is more beautiful than you ever thought a place could be.

The prospect of retiring overseas is not as farfetched as some may believe. Moving your whole life to another country might sound tough, but in fact, it might be the best choice that you ever make. Not only are there numerous benefits to moving to Ecuador and retiring there, but there are many perks to living in such a small, friendly area that you wouldn’t get within the United States.

Many wonder what is awaiting them in Ecuador?

This is the ideal place for those retiring because it has one of the most comfortable climates. They stay right in the 70s most of the time. The area is active. With outdoor activities, art, music, adventures and more await you. If you want to retire somewhere that you can be active each and every day, then this is a great place to consider.

The taxes on property, as compared to other areas is slim. Not only is this a savings, going to around $50-$100 per year in property taxes is something that will make you feel good about paying the bills. Private insurance in the area costs around $100 a month per person, making it much lower than private insurance within the United States.

The food in the area is also some of the most affordable. With fruits, vegetables, bread and more costing under a dollar a piece.

It is just a practical move for any retiree to make.

With the Social Security Administration making a crunch on how much is paid out to Americans, not many people are able to get enough to get by on.

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