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If you’re wondering if expats in Ecuador are safe, you’re not the only one. Moving to Ecuador for retirement sounded like a good idea but when you got there you were shocked to see bars on the windows and doors and now you’re wondering if you need to be concerned.

Many American cities have more crime than Cuenca, so just because you’re an expat in Ecuador doesn’t mean you are a target for crime.

Let’s face it crime exists everywhere and if you are a gringo living in Cuenca you should follow basic safety rules just like anywhere else in the United States, it’s really no different. Crime can happen anywhere, at any time, but there is no need to constantly worry about it, after all you will be surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of Cuenca.

One expat living in Cuenca for over four years has never seen a violent crime or been a victim himself. In fact he said there has never been a time where he did not feel safe in his own neighborhood. He is quite content living in Ecuador.

As we all know there are criminals everywhere and when you are living as a gringo in Cuenca you need to be vigilant and just use common sense. Even the best neighborhoods in the United States have occasional crimes.

If you’re worried about it you can always carry some form of non-lethal protection like pepper spray. This would also work for stray dogs if you ever come across one. The fact is most gringos living in Cuenca will never be a victim of a crime and feel completely safe living there.

Ecuador with its tranquil scenery and near-perfect climate is attracting more Americans wishing to retire in style. You will be amazed at how much further your money and savings will go living in Cuenca.

If you are considering permanent residency in Ecuador you will need a visa. The best way you can go about getting a visa is to have it done by a professional instead of worrying about the whole process yourself.

Edison Ormaza and his Ecuador visa services can handle everything you need to get your visa and make your retirement in Ecuador as easy and stress free as possible. With his team of professionals your documents will be safely processed and they will handle every detail needed for you to get your visa.

With offices in the United States, Canada and Azogues Ecuador Edison Ormaza is the expert in Ecuador Visa services you will want to hire.

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