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Once the temporary residence is granted, the foreign person must join the social security system or a private health insurance.

The temporary resident may be absent from the country for a maximum period of ninety days for each year, accumulable within the period of validity of his residence. In case of non-compliance, the immigration control authority shall impose the sanction provided for in the migratory offenses of this Law.

  • Temporary Residence – Worker
  • Temporary Residency – Renegade
  • Temporary Residence – Retired
  • Temporary Residence – Investor
  • Temporary Residence – Scientific, Researcher or Academic
  • Temporary Residence – Sportsman, artist or cultural manager
  • Temporary Residency – Religious or Religious Volunteer
  • Temporary Residence – Volunteer
  • Temporary Residency – Student
  • Temporary Residency – Professional, technical, technologist or craftsman
  • Temporary Residence – Sheltered
  • Temporary Residence – Agreement.



Temporary Residence – Worker:

In case of dependency relation with public institutions. In case of legal entity. In case of natural person.

Temporary Residence – Reinter:

For this type of visa are necessary the official document that prove the receipt of legal income from the outside duly legalized or apostilled and translated into Spanish if necessary.

Temporary Residence – Retired:

For this type of visa are necessary the Official Document granted by the institution that pays or grants retirement, pension or income, duly legalized or apostilled and translated into Spanish if necessary.

Temporary Residence – Investor:

For this type of visa, a Document that reflects or proves the existence of the title, policy or certificate of deposit in a credit institution authorized by the Ecuadorian system is necessary.

Temporary Residence – Scientific, Researcher or Academic:

For this type of visa, the official document or documents of the institution that backs and guarantees the scientific, investigative or academic link is necessary or that the program is part of the Ecuadorian education system, in terms of the applicant’s specialty work.

Temporary Residence – Sportsman, Artist or Cultural Manager:

For this type of visa, the athlete, artist, cultural manager or consultant who applies for a visa under this category must demonstrate, with a legally constituted instrument, the contractual link by which it is linked to an institution, sports club, Other, whose headquarters is legally constituted in national territory. Enabling documents that demonstrate the constitution and operation of the institution requesting its services, legally recognized and registered in the corresponding public entities.

Temporary Residence – Religious or Religious Volunteer:

For this type of visa are required the Document or certificate issued by the legal representative of a legally recognized sponsoring institution that certifies the link with it.

Temporary Residence – Volunteer:

For this type of visa is necessary a Certificate issued by the legal representative of the NGO or Institution, legally constituted or recognized by the Ecuadorian State is necessary, indicating that the volunteer will provide his services voluntarily or altruistically.

Temporary Residency – Student:

For this type of visa are necessary the Registration or certificate of admission of a university or educational establishment Ecuadorian legally recognized by the corresponding national entity Temporary Residency – Professional, Technical, Technologist or Craftsman In case of Professional by professional title:

Temporary Residence – Sheltered:

For this type of visa is necessary a legalized official document or apostilled to show the degree of relationship with the holder of the visa. In case one or both parents are not present with the minor, the person must justify the legal possession of minor The children, spouse or couple in union legally constituted, of a temporary or permanent resident, may obtain an Amparo visa, and must justify the event generating the visa of the holder.


The term of stay for tourists will be up to ninety days in the period of one year counted from the first entry, which may be extended once for a further ninety days, upon request and payment of the respective fee. If you are interested in extending your stay for a maximum term of up to one year as a tourist, you must ask the human mobility authority for a special tourist visa with which you will not be able to carry out work activities. In order to obtain this visa, you must prove the legal means of subsistence that allow you to stay in the country, as well as pay the corresponding fee set in the regulations of this Act. This visa can be requested once every 5 years.

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